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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 YSS Rear Suspension 2019 onwards
ROYAL ENFIELD-INTERCEPTOR 650 RG362-360TRCL-54-B Technical InfoCOLLECTION:BLACK EDITIONYEAR:2019-currentPRODUCT GROUP:ToplineSHOCK TYPE:REAR TWIN SHOCKPRODUCT TYPE:Top External Reservoir Piggy Back Gas ShockABE:-LENGTH:355-365 (MM.)TOP:14×22 (MM.)BOTTOM:10×22 (MM.)SPRING:46-17-25-220 (MM.)PISTON SIZE:36 (MM.)SHAFT SIZE:12 (MM.) COMPRESSION ADJUSTABLE Adjustable Compression. Compression Adjuster is the controller for the compression stage of...
Rs. 58,500.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 Shock Absorber 2018 Onwards
ROYAL ENFIELD-HIMALAYAN 411 MZ456-405 TRL-13-X Technical InfoYEAR:2018-currentPRODUCT GROUP:ToplineSHOCK TYPE:REAR MONO SHOCKPRODUCT TYPE:Emulsion Gas ShockABE:-LENGTH:400-410 (MM.)TOP:10×30 (MM.)BOTTOM:10×30 (MM.)SPRING:56-85-260 (MM.)PISTON SIZE:45 (MM.)SHAFT SIZE:16 (MM.) THREAD SPRING PRELOAD Thread Spring Preload or adjustable spring screw. By threading the cylindrical shock absorbers user can...
Rs. 23,040.00
Royal Enfield Classic 500 YSS Shock Absorber(2009-2017)
YSS Shock Absorber for Royal Enfield Classic 500 Part Number : RE302-315T-05S-X Spring : 46-17-25-200 Fitment : Royal Enfield Classic 500
Rs. 11,520.00
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 YSS Shock Absorber (2009-2017)
YSS Shock Absorber for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Part Number : MZ456-405 TRL-13-X Spring : 46-17-25-200 Fitment : Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Pack included with ( both right & Left Shocks )  
Rs. 11,520.00
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