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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 YSS Rear Suspension
ROYAL ENFIELD-INTERCEPTOR 650 RG362-360TRCL-54-B Technical InfoCOLLECTION:BLACK EDITIONYEAR:2019-currentPRODUCT GROUP:ToplineSHOCK TYPE:REAR TWIN SHOCKPRODUCT TYPE:Top External Reservoir Piggy Back Gas ShockABE:-LENGTH:355-365 (MM.)TOP:14×22 (MM.)BOTTOM:10×22 (MM.)SPRING:46-17-25-220 (MM.)PISTON SIZE:36 (MM.)SHAFT SIZE:12 (MM.) COMPRESSION ADJUSTABLE Adjustable Compression. Compression Adjuster is the controller for the compression stage of...
Rs. 58,500.00
Sold Out
Royal Enfield Classic 500 YSS Shock Absorber
YSS Shock Absorber for Royal Enfield Classic 500 Part Number : RE302-315T-05S-X Spring : 46-17-25-200 Fitment : Royal Enfield Classic 500
Rs. 15,000.00
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 YSS Shock Absorber
YSS Shock Absorber for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Part Number : MZ456-405 TRL-13-X Spring : 46-17-25-200 Fitment : Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Pack included with ( both right & Left Shocks )  
Rs. 11,520.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 Shock Absorber 2018 Onwards
ROYAL ENFIELD-HIMALAYAN 411 MZ456-405 TRL-13-X Technical InfoYEAR:2018-currentPRODUCT GROUP:ToplineSHOCK TYPE:REAR MONO SHOCKPRODUCT TYPE:Emulsion Gas ShockABE:-LENGTH:400-410 (MM.)TOP:10×30 (MM.)BOTTOM:10×30 (MM.)SPRING:56-85-260 (MM.)PISTON SIZE:45 (MM.)SHAFT SIZE:16 (MM.) THREAD SPRING PRELOAD Thread Spring Preload or adjustable spring screw. By threading the cylindrical shock absorbers user can...
Rs. 23,040.00
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