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Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) - LRL Motors

Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) 1L

Rs. 1,199.00
Rs. 1,199.00
Rs. 1,199.00
Subtotal: Rs. 1,199.00

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Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) 1L

Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) 1L

Rs. 1,199.00

Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) 1L

Rs. 1,199.00

Elevate Your Motorcycle's Performance with Motorex 15W50 Formula (JASO MA2) - The Ultimate Synthetic Blend Engine Oil for 4-Stroke Motorcycles!

🏍️ Unlock Peak Performance:
Get ready to enhance your motorcycle's power and longevity with Motorex 15W50 Formula (JASO MA2). This premium synthetic blend engine oil is meticulously designed for 4-stroke motorcycles, offering exceptional protection and performance.

✅ JASO MA2 Certified:
Ride with peace of mind knowing that your engine, transmission, and clutch are shielded by an oil that meets the strict JASO MA2 standards. Experience smooth gear shifting and ensure optimal functionality of your oil bath couplings.

🔥 Superior Engine Care:
Motorex 15W50 Formula provides your engine with top-tier protection, reducing friction, heat, and wear. Your motorcycle's engine will run smoother, delivering peak performance mile after mile.

💪 Total Drivetrain Defense:
This oil doesn't stop at the engine—it extends its exceptional protection to your transmission and clutch, ensuring the longevity of these critical components.

🌦️ All-Weather Reliability:
Conquer any riding condition with confidence, whether it's scorching hot or bone-chilling cold. Motorex 15W50 Formula is engineered to deliver consistent performance, no matter the weather.

💧 Engine Cleanliness:
Keep your engine free from harmful deposits, promoting a longer lifespan and maximum efficiency.

🏁 Ride with Confidence:
Your motorcycle deserves the best, and Motorex 15W50 Formula (JASO MA2) is here to deliver just that. Elevate your engine care regimen and unlock the full potential of your ride.

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#MotorexOil #MotorcyclePerformance #RideWithConfidenceSpecifications:

  • JASO MA2
  • API SG
  • API SH
  • API SJ
  • API SL

Manufactured by: 

Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31, P.O. Box
4901 Langenthal, Switzerland

Imported & Marketed in India by 

Imported by:


LRL Motors Pvt Ltd

NH Bypass, Kumbalam

Kochi, 682506


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
R.R. (Malappuram, IN)
Good engine oil

Very good result comparing with Motul

Hemanth Muthumanickam

Motorex 15W50 Formula ( JASO MA2 ) 1L

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