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Royal Enfield Himalayan Rolon Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit
PART NO ORC329NF Chain: 110 O RING  Front Sprocket Theet:15 Rear Sprocket Teeth:38 Rear Sproket hole: 6 Maintenance  Clean the chain with Kerosin or Liqui Moly chain cleaner Lube the chain with Liqui Moly fully synthetic chain lube or gear...
Rs. 3,355.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine oil Performance Pack
Rs. 3,929.00 Rs. 2,946.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine oil Performance Pack
    Wondering how Liqui Moly Performance Pack for Royal Enfield Himalyan work in your motorcycle. Liqui Moly offers a combination of 4 products to address the unseen issues that directly affect the performance of motorcycle over time and rejuvenate...
Rs. 3,929.00 Rs. 2,946.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan Flash X Hazard Flash Module, Blinker,Flasher
FlashX is a cool hazard flash module for your motorcycle which is a plug and play device that allows you to choose a different combination of blink patterns on your motorcycle. Stop worrying about cutting and splicing of wires as...
Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,699.00
Himalayan pillion rider foot rest (left ) 66Bhp
On a long ride or short ride if you got a pillion traveller and if he/She can enjoy the ride by giving maximum comfort on the pillion position it will chnage the entire riding experince. 66Bhp best in class reinforced MS...
Rs. 999.00
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Himalayan adventure crash guard by 66Bhp
Rs. 4,599.00 Rs. 3,999.00
Himalayan adventure crash guard by 66Bhp
Ultimate protection to your Himalayan, designed to go maximum off-limit, the advanced crash guard design will protect you from the evnt like fall or crash. Sliders are provided as standard for better crash protection. A sure shot way to make...
Rs. 4,599.00 Rs. 3,999.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan K&N Air Filter (BS3 ,BS4 & BS6)
QUICK OVERVIEW K&N Individual Round Style Stacks for\93Early Type\94 Fuel Injectors (Single Stacks) for Chevrolet, Etc. - Filters designed to fit with cut velocity stacks, or straight pieces of exhaust tubing. Rubber filter bases come with molded in velocity stack...
Rs. 6,890.00 Rs. 6,790.00
NGK High Performance Spark Plug and Cable Kit for RE Himalayan
NGK High-Performance Spark Plug and Cable Kit for RE Himalayan NGK Iridium IX spark plugs are globally the best performance category of spark plugs having a superior technology. These spark plugs use very precious Iridium metal at the tip of centre electrode...
Rs. 3,000.00
Royal Enfield Himalayan Brass Chain Kit ( RK Japan)
    520RXW 110L High Qulity Brass chain sprocket kit Made in Japan. Pack Included with following items Chain: Brass XW Links: 110L Front Sprocket: 15 Teeth Rear Sprocket: 38 Teeth
Rs. 6,700.00
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RE Himalayan Automotive Graphics
Color combinations can be tweaked and changed to your preference. Any text of your choice can be added in the main graphic kit. We can also use different fonts for the text if you provide font reference. Any other logos,...
Rs. 3,540.00
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Royal Enfield Himalayan BMC Air Filter
BMC Air Filter is one of the most renown brand in the motorcycle and automotive industries. Based in Bologna, Italy, BMC is now an international company with branches in Germany, China and India, along with over 94 distributors all over the world. BMC...
Rs. 5,499.00
66BHP Himalayan BS4 & BS6 Crash Guard - BLACK
Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 3,299.00
66BHP Himalayan BS4 & BS6 Crash Guard - BLACK
Avanta range crash guards designed to give maximum protection to your motorcycle with enhanced look and feel. Protection Slider The advance Slider position will help the rider and bike to minimise the damages in any indents, Sliders are made out...
Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 3,299.00
66Bhp Himalayan BS4 & BS6 Vantage Saddle Stay
New Vantage range saddle is designed to give maximum load holding to your language bags
Rs. 1,999.00
DESCRIPTION FuelX is a state of the art electronic plug-in fuel-injection optimizer for modern engines. It autotunes the engine to its best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning and adapting to the engine’s condition, wear and tear, riding style, add-ons (such...
Rs. 9,990.00
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