Royal Enfield Classic 500 Twin Spark 2011-2017 Powertronic ECU V4

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Product Description

Plug and Play

Plug & Play Performance ECU Install in under 40 minutes with no fancy tools required

increase In Power & Torque

By controlling both fuel & ignition to deliver optimal performance & throttle response throughout the rev range

Downloadable Maps

PowerTRONlC comes with dual pre-tuned maps which can also be downloaded

Built-ln Map Switch

Switch between Race & Race by using the on-board map switch

improved Throttle Response

The throttle response of the motorcycle is improved and aggressive


PowerTRONIC is the most advanced full feature Piggyback ECU for motorcycles currently available worldwide. Designed to be universally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC ECU plugs in within minutes delivering improved performance through race-engineered, user-adjustable fuel and ignition mapping.


Quicker Throttle Response

Make the most of your daily commute with instantly better throttle response. Our maps for the Kawasaki offer better transient response even in the closed-loop/part-throttle regions, significantly reducing part-throttle sluggishness making low speed riding conditions – be it traffic or twisty mountain passes more enjoyable.

Predictable Refinement

Power delivery is strong, smooth and no longer dramatic. Added power should never come at the cost of refinement and PowerTRONIC shines in this area minimizing engine vibrations to a great extent. Our in-built ignition control algorithms allow levels of precision that have never been seen before on a piggyback system striking the perfect balance between response and refinement.

Higher Rev-limit

The standard rev-limit not only kills power, it kills the mood too. PowerTRONIC’s preset 12,000rpm rev-limit lets you unleash the power within. With a wider powerband, higher in-gear speeds and increased top end performance, the revised rev-limit helps in reaching higher top speeds, attacking corners harder, eliminating unnecessary up-ships and keeping the engine in the powerband while downshifting. For race setups, PowerTRONIC supports upto 15,000rpm


Royal Enfield Classic 500 (Single Spark) (2009-2019) Powertronic ECU V4 - LRL Motors

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Twin Spark 2011-2017 Powertronic ECU V4

Rs. 19,500.00 Rs. 18,525.00

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Twin Spark 2011-2017 Powertronic ECU V4

Rs. 19,500.00 Rs. 18,525.00


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    SHRINIVAS RAO (Bengaluru, IN)
    Powertronic ECU

    Got it installed from Race dynamics , Bangalore.
    Initial experience is good for City ride using Map1. To see long ride yet