Motorbike 4T Synth 10W-60 Offroad Race
Rs. 1,615.00



Product Details

  • Fully synthetic, high performance motor oil for air and water cooled 4 stroke engines
  • Guarantees optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness and maximum wear resistance even under extreme conditions
  • Maximum performance and protection of the engine
  • Specially developed for Enduro and motocross motorbikes, quads, SxS and snowmobiles used Offroad
  • Suitable for engines with or without a wet clutch
  • Guarantees low oil consumption and excellent wear protection
  • Optimum stability to aging with high shear stability
  • Tested on racing machines
  • Tested on engines with catalytic converters
  • For sporting applications
  • Suitable for wet clutches
  • Manufacturer's instructions must be followed
  • Meets API SL and JASO MA2 specifications

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