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Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors

Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack

Rs. 717.00
Rs. 897.00
Rs. 717.00
Subtotal: Rs. 717.00
Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack - LRL Motors

Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack

Rs. 897.00 Rs. 717.00

Liqui Moly Motorbike Performance pack

Rs. 897.00 Rs. 717.00

Like us motorbike need a refreshment to keep work like a champion, Over time your motorcycle engine will face some unseen problems, in your view, it may be nothing just ageing of the motorcycle, As per our term, it is not a simple issue that you can ignore because this is one step closer condition of killing your engine performance.

We all love a good motorcycle engine like brand new condition but have you done anything worth keeping it in the same condition. Most of us say yes I have periodically serviced my bike.

Let me ask you something.....?

1) Do you lose fuel economy after 1-2 years of use?

2) What was the last time the injectors or carburettor cleaned?

3) Have you ever heard there is a chance of old engine oil and metallic content left over after a regular oil change, Have you done something to clear it off?

The question list will go on and on, in short, we are sometimes forgetting the unseen problems because it is not common to address, injectors or carburettors, engine sludge, friction development etc. we are good in checking the batter water and air filter because we used to practice this from the day one of ownership of a motorcycle.

With Liqui Moly we developed a performance pack that addresses the need of maintaining motorcycles, unseen performance killer problem. With the 3 step performance pack, we will be addressing the major problems.


Over time the carbon deposit developed during the combustion process and poor fuel quality will choke the carburettors or injector nozzles, once the carbon blockage affected the fuel system it's like cholesterol in our veins, the fuel won't reach the engine heart in proper proportion, so the engine will start showing more vibration, less fuel economy and more smoke. We still follow the old school way to clean the injectors or carburettor by removing it and cleaning, it's a cost involved and time taking process. Also, you have to keep in mind even if manually cleaning the injectors the carbon deposit will develop in another few thousand kilometres.

With a Liqui Moly 4T additive you can do the clean process in just 2 minutes, every 2000-3000 Km add one bottle 4T additive to your tank before filling the petrol, the 80 ml 4T additive needs to be mixed with 10 litres of fuel. You have to ride the bike until the reserve fuel notification. Meanwhile, don't fill fresh fuel because the dilution ratio will change and the intended result won't get delivered.

Its long time debated topic, over time with sludge developed during the engine life is not a small matter, with latest engine oil technology all manufactures adding essential additives to keep the cleanness of engine oil during the operational life. even though sometimes we unknowingly extend our oil change interval resulting in developing sludge inside the engine while you are removing the engine oil the old engine oil won't go out in full amount. the leftover will stick to the walls of the engine in hard form. one or two-time leftover won't make any issues directly. after a few numbers of an oil change, the accumulated old oil content will directly start effecting. you can check this. add a new engine oil any time and ride your bike for 400-500 KM and check the oil condition. The colour turns to be black if the oil is in the black condition that means the old oil leftover that sticks to the wall of the engine is diluted with new engine oil. so slowly the engine oil property will start to change. Also, you can use this test as a recommendation, if the oil color changes to dark black in a few hundred km, so with the next oil change you need to use an engine flush.

How to use flush?

Liqui Moly engine flush is made out of petroleum detergent it won't affect the sealing, gaskets or rubber/silicon parts of motorcycles with good service history or new motorcycles within the life span of 5 years. It's important to know that everyone can't use engine flush, engine flush usage is subject to follow certain conditions, a motorcycle with less know the history or not maintained properly or engine older than 5 years must avoid the engine flush.

Add one bottle 80 ml ( sufficient up to 2.5 litres) start the engine and keep the engine in idle operation condition for 10 minutes (maximum don't exceed this) once the recommended time is over in idle mode switch off the engine, take necessary precaution to open the dry nut, remove all dry nut ( main oil chamber + secondary chamber ) it's mandatory to remove the full engine flush content before adding new oil. once the old oil is removed fully from the engine, replace the oil filter, clean the oil magnet. Now you are good to add any brand of oil.

Sounds like crazy, no it is not  Liqui Moly GmbH was founded in 1957 in Ulm on the river Danube. The patent for the production of molybdenum disulfide formed the basis for the company. This additive based on liquified molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) was the company's first product and gave the company its name. yes, it is you heard it right.

Mos2 with a proper dosage will help to improve the friction property of any lubricant. It is suitable for both wet clutch and dry clutch motorcycles. the proper dosage will be 20 ml per liter, very strictly you have to follow the mos2 additive dosage while adding to the engine oil

Engine oil 800ml -16ml Mos2

Engine oil 1 Liter -20ml Mos2

Engine oil 1.2 Liter -24 ml Mos2

Engine oil 1.5 Liter -30ml Mos2

Engine oil 2.5 Liter -50ml Mos2

Mos2 Oil additive can be mixed with any type of engine oil like Mineral, Semi-Synthetic or fully synthetic also with any brand of engine oil.

High-performance engine oils + additives are tested and used on all type of motorbikes, Liqui Moly Engine oils are the exclusive lubricant of Moto2 & Moto3 Of MotoGP world championship, All Liqui Moly Products are manufactured in Germany. 

Customer Reviews

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Aakash Anchi (Bengaluru, IN)
Excellent engine oil

Completely satisfied with Liqui moly products

Liqui moly performance pack

It is the best I have used so far. Going to use this from now on.

Shashwat S. (Patna, IN)

Overall Satisfied with the products... And also the packaging was Nice.

mohammed Imran (Pune, IN)
Nice product

Very nice product

saiprakash M (Chennai, IN)
Butter smoth

After using it, my engine noise drastically reduced, Smith ride in lower gears

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