Liqui Moly Mos2 Engine oil additive 125 ml – LRL Motors

Liqui Moly Mos2 125 ml - LRL Motors

Liqui Moly Mos2 125 ml

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For all 4-cycle and 2-cycle engines with separate and mixture lubrication. Can also be used in oil-immersed multi-plate clutches. Dosage recommendation: during every oil change and for 2-cycle engines every time you fill-up. 4-cycle engines: 30 ml per liter motor oil; 20 ml for oil-immersed clutches. 2-cycle engines with separate lubrication: 20 ml per liter 2-cycle oil and with gasoil lubrication. 10 ml per 10 l mixture.


  1. Engine wear protection on molybdenum disulfide basis (MoS2). Scientifically Proven wear reduction of up to 50 %.
  2. Extends the engine life.
  3. The engine runs smoother,
  4. The oil and fuel consumption are reduced.
  5. Increases engine quietness,
  6. Fewer breakdowns. Cat tested.

All Liqui Moly Products are 100% Made and bottled in Germany, LRL Motors Pvt Ltd is the sole importers of Liqui Moly motorbike range in India. Liqui Moly is the Exclusive lubricant of Moto2 & Moto3 ( MotoGP world championship)

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