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KTM DUKE 390 2016 to till date K&N Air Filter ( BS4 & BS6)

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The KTM Duke 390, renowned for its exhilarating performance and sleek design, receives a significant upgrade with the addition of the K&N Air Filter for both BS4 and BS6 models from 2016 till date. This high-performance air filter is meticulously engineered to enhance the bike's overall performance, offering riders an elevated experience on the road.

🌪️Crafted with precision and expertise, the K&N Air Filter is designed to replace the stock air filter system in the KTM Duke 390. Its advanced filtration technology allows for increased airflow, optimizing the engine's combustion process.

🫧Furthermore, the K&N Air Filter boasts a washable and reusable design, ensuring long-lasting durability and cost-effectiveness.

✅Its high-quality construction also provides superior filtration efficiency, safeguarding the engine against harmful contaminants and ensuring optimal performance throughout the bike's lifespan.

🛠️Installing the K&N Air Filter on your KTM Duke 390 is a straightforward process, making it a convenient upgrade for riders seeking to enhance their motorcycle's performance without extensive modifications.

🏍️With this premium air filter, you can expect a more responsive and dynamic riding experience, whether you're navigating city streets or conquering challenging terrains.

Elevate your KTM Duke 390's performance to new heights with the K&N Air Filter (BS4 & BS6), a reliable and performance-enhancing addition that embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that KTM motorcycles are known for.