Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit

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Rs. 5,000.00
Rs. 5,000.00
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Product Description

The Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit is a high-quality replacement kit for the chain and sprockets on the Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle. The kit is produced by RK, a well-known manufacturer of motorcycle chains and sprockets.

The kit includes a brass chain that is more durable than the standard chain and offers better resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan. The kit also includes front and rear sprockets made of high-strength steel. The sprockets are designed with precise tooth profiles that provide better power transfer and reduce wear and tear on the chain.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit is a direct replacement for the original components and offers improved durability, longevity, and performance. The brass chain provides better resistance to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent maintenance, while the high-strength steel sprockets offer better power transfer and reduce the likelihood of chain skipping or slipping.

The kit is designed to be easy to install, and it comes with all the necessary components and instructions. Installing the kit can be done by a professional mechanic or a skilled rider with the necessary tools and experience.

Overall, the Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit is an excellent choice for riders who want to upgrade the chain and sprockets of their Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle to improve performance, durability, and longevity.

520KRX 120L

15T*45T (OE)


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Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit - LRL Motors

Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit

Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 5,000.00

Bajaj Dominar 400 RK Brass Chain & Sprocket Kit

Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 5,000.00

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Ankit Das (Chennai, IN)
    An Incredible Upgrade Over the Stock Chain and Sprocket Set!

    After having used the RK Chain and Sprocket Set for a bit over 2000 km on my Bajaj Dominar BS6, here is my verdict:
    > This "RK Chain and Sprocket Set" is much, much quieter than the stock set from Bajaj.
    > The quality and feel of the materials of both the chain and sprockets feel premium. The performance is also top-notch. None of those old "Bajaj chainset" issues.
    > By virtue of being an XW-Ring Chain from RK, there are three times the number of seals as compared to standard O-Ring Chains, and as a result of that, one can get away with longer intervals between chain clean and lube sessions and chain adjustments. I am also expecting much more life from this chainset over the stock chainset because of it being made of Brass (Chain) which does not rust.
    > It also looks absolutely smashing on the bike! Almost like the Hulk wearing a thick gold chain. xD

    As for the other option in the market that is available which is the Rolon set, I haven't personally used it, so I cannot comment on it. But from my POV, as the Rolon is 4000 and this set is only a 1000 more, and offers an additional seal over the X-Ring Chain on the Rolon set by being an XW-Ring set, and also with RK being a Japanese brand with greater years of experience with performance motorcycles, I found the RK set to be most appealing and practical.

    My recommendation would be to give this set a try once your stock chainset has run out, and trust me, you will never go back.

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