Sell Online today with is one of India's top online stores for motorcycle performance accessories and parts with monthly visitors of 500K, Today we are partnered with 100+ global and Indian brands, Also we exclusively import Vesrah, Racing Boy and non exclusively JT chains & Hilfo Oil filters. Partnering with our online store will be a great advantage for brands to offer service to an existing motorcycle audience, we offer one of the best customer support and after-sales services In India today. LRL Motors only offer original brands either sourced directly from the factory or its registered resellers, we don't entertain copy or Duplicate products. We assure all our end users the best in the class transparency when it comes to the products.

1) Who can join us?

If you are a  manufacturer or Authorised importer with proper documents you can contact us we shall review the brand and onboard the brand, normally review will be completed in 2 working days.

2) What is the normal time to start selling the product with LRL Motors?

Once the brand review is completed normally within 48 Hours we will generate The PO and once the material arrived at our Kochin warehouse it will be live online

3) Do you offer competitive discounts online?

If the brand is authorising the selling price we shall offer it will be completely up to the understanding of the brands.

4) Warranty support?

We do offer warranty support for all brands, The product that sold by us we shall intermediate with our customers and help them.

5) Any marketing support for brands collaborating with LRL Motors?

Yes, we do offer complete branding and marketing support for all brands for free including Google and Facebook Marketing. If you need special focus marketing it will be quoted separately

6) Do I have to manage the inventory or does LRL Motors take care of it?

We source products directly from you in bulk and we ship direct to customers from our Kochin Wherehouse.

For taking forward you can reach us.

Purchase Manager

Mr Faraz 

Contact: 7593826000