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From humble beginnings as a coffee seed to dominating the landscape and lives of many a place and people, coffee in our opinion is one of the finest ingredients the world has to offer.


Our motor love story is a much wider and deeper one, in 2015 our managing director Mr.Khais starting his first automotive venture LRL Motors only with one asset that is his past gulf business experience the idea was totally different, LRL Motors want to offer a world-class motor service center network experience to our customers. the basic principle behind our thought was not just sales or number growth, with a quality customer service and win customer trust and hearts. It was a difficult process in the initial stage, we have stuck at so many points, but we are not ready to give up.We have answered to each and every puzzle pup up on our way that from shipping products to sourcing quality product from the factory. Today LRL Motors emerged as one India most trusted online automotive portal, we want to offer so much better solution to more motorbike enthusiast customers. 

 We operate in three sectors

 Motorcycle service centers 

 We operate a total of 6 service centers across Kerala, All with the same principle, Single price slab, quality after warranty service, redly available spare parts, Experienced technicians and much more.


Import and marketing

 We believe in transparent business model today LRL motors represent a number of global brands, and our sales and marketing network expands across the nation. Most of the items we sell across our online and service centers are directly sourced from the factory. 

Spare parts retail

 One of the toughest and hardest task to maintain a motorcycle is finding the genuine aftermarket spare parts, we got own inventory to cater our customers for both online and service centers we stock more than 10,000+ different spare parts at a time in our main inventory warehouse.

We stand for quality and customer care.

"Feel free to contact  me in case my team members are not able to meet your expectations and here is my DM details 7600330000 or "


Khais Rahman